Confessions #1

I don’t like being told what to read and review. I don’t get enjoy out of my blogging work if I am shoved a book that does not fit into the genres I enjoy. I would rather push it off onto a blogging friend then try to spend my day reading a book and a writing a review in a genre that I have no idea or understanding to what I am reading, especially sci-fi & fantasy.

I love sharing news about new releases or new books that I find but I always worried that I will not get any views on my posts or comments because I list books that nobody really wants to read.

I hate gathering information for a blog tour, if I am kind enough to post you on my blog, then be respectful enough to have everything put together in order to make my posting easy and quick. Not that I will take time to make it perfect, I will do that and more to help out any author, but please have the entire information ready on time.

I like reading and reviewing once I am done with my daily work and I can sit back and truly enjoy the storyline, I don’t like to be rushed in finishing a good book just because there is a deadline, if you want me to read your book before it’s release date or blog tour then request that, don’t ask the night before.

I always wanted to run a blog where people could actually swap kindle books and paperback books. I think it would fun to work with the customer in hooking them up with either an author they really like or with a book they always wanted to read.

I wish I had more blogger friends that I could blog swap with and discover new ways of doing different things on my blog.

I need to make more time for posts instead of couple hours here and there. I always feel pressured when I do my posts and that I don’t have the time to really read what I post sometimes. My college work takes up so much of my time, plus my kids that I don’t have a set schedule for each week. Like this past week I have missed all my meme’s except this one because I was so busy with the kids over the holiday.

Sometimes I have a hard time trying to find something to post about, I come across some great articles and then when I got write about them I start to second guess myself and my writing.

I like supporting authors and their talent being displayed on my blog. But I really get a smile on my face when I know my post has helped them some way and that they truly appreciate it and also if they share or re-tweet it.

When I blog I have this fetish of having to have several pages instead of my posts running on just the front page.


Confessions #2

Books and More Books Confessions

1. I love books…I love books!!

2. When I read, I like it to be quiet.

3. I also need my favorite drink and snack…Coffee or Dr.Pepper with a Chips and something sweet.

4. If I read for too long, I fall asleep…lol!

5. The genres I like best are stories that are based on real life events, I believe I enjoy these because I have had some turmoil and bad events in my life so I connect with these better than I do any other genres.

6. When I choose a book, I also like to get to know the author on a personal level as best as I can. I like to know why the write what they write.

7. Dark book covers draw my attention more than other book covers.

8. The smell of a new book is a wonderful scent or a book store or library, I think they should make a scent spray for your house in the smell of a book.

9. I love going to my small town library, it may not have everything a big city library has and there are times when I am frustrated because I can’t get a book but it does have that small town feeling to it and that is what I like.

10. Books, and More Books Confessions…my last confession is what my all time favorite book is and the author



(Click on the image to be taken to buy link)

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